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YNJQ 590 full rotation bucking machine/torque machine

The YNJQ series bucking machine has features of the power tong of the machine can rotate to make up or break out the coupling, no need to change the jaw for different pipes.

  • Model:
  • Application:
  • Max.pre-tightening torque:
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torque machine,bucking machine,Hydrostatic testing machineYNJQ 590 bucking unit is a machine designed for disassembly and assembly through 360° continuous rotation and is provided with high precision torque automated test system. This machine is mainly used for disassembly and assembly of some cylinder threaded connection parts such as casing collar, tubing collar, oil well pump collar, tool joint, packer adapter, downhole tool and drilling tools in oil field. In addition, it is also feasible to additionally install eccentric adjustment unit, disassemble and assemble eccentric workpiece.

The YNJQ series bucking machine has features of the power tong of the machine can rotate to make up or break out the coupling,  no need to change the jaw for different pipes, and can be used for both API & Premium connection(VAM, MEW VAM).

YNJQ590 hydraulic bucking machine has six hydraulic sycliders, in working, the pipe is fixed, the six hydraulic cylinders synchronized able to clamp the coupling and rotate continuousely. Every cylinder control one jaw, and every three cylinder move synchronously, so it can be used for both big and small workpiece;for small pipes, only three jaws sretch out to clamp the coupling, and for big ones, it is six. The reliable synchronizer is imported from Italy. To adjust the center automatically, the backup tong can move a bit. The clamp force is controlled by the hydraulic system.

This structure has features of large apllication, High mechanical strength, reliable Clamping, no-skiding, no- pipe damage, small die marking to API, high automation, double pump speed, quick making up, slow torque increasing, and it can be used for premium connections.

1) ModelYNJQ-590

2) Bore diameter590mm

3) Centre hight1570mm

4) Apllication2-3/8"" to 23"

5) Speed range:

It takes double pump air-cooled hydraulic power, manual stepless speed control the rotary speed, rotating head speed is :0.5-6r/min

6) Make –up torque

a) Max. torque

The Max. make-up torque is 150,000ft.lbs@ 20Mpa pressure

b) Torque display

The computer can display, record and control the torque and turns.

7) Control mode

PLC+15” tablet PCoperation with buttons. And the machine will stop automatically reaching the setting torque.

8) Torque accuracy200 N.m

9) Dies marks according to API, and no damage for the workpiece accuracy

10) Motor power55Kw

11) Hydraulic systemMax.pressure20MPaflow rate: 40-220L/min

12) Dimensions

Main machine    6mx2.2mx2.7m

Hydraulic unit    2.2mx1.15mx1.8 m

Control cabinet  1.6mx0.5mx1.55m

13) Weight23T

Scope of supply


Configuration Name





Bucking machine/

host machine

Power tong/




Backup tong/





Computer torque recorder, saving records, printing curve report




Hydraulic Power System


flow rate40-220L/min